SHakespearean Actors Requiring Employment Soon is an actor-led, actor-focused program that brings to Ashland industry professionals from all across the country. This includes artistic directors, casting directors, agents, and others from theatre, film, and television.  Countless OSF actors have secured work through SHARES contacts. Many find jobs for after their OSF season ends, and all who participate expand their professional networks. While in town, SHARES guests see shows and get to know our acting company through one-on-one meetings. SHARES  visits will occur primarily between June 20, 2017 to September 23, 2017 when all of the shows in rep have opened.

We have created this website as a way to make information readily available for you. This website will include:
– Information about SHARES guests and their theaters;
– Sign-up form for auditions;
– Audition schedules and locations;
– Show schedules for guest.

As a guests’ visit approaches, we will email SHARES actors with all pertinent information including that guests’ schedule and any available casting information. Each guest holds at most two morning sessions of one-on-one meetings during their visit.  You will also find everything you’ll need to know for auditions available and updated on this site. You can even sign-up to audition directly through this website.

Have any questions? Please email

Thank you and we’re looking forward to a wonderful season of SHARES!